How To Avoid Weight Lifting Injuries

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One of the most frequent causes for injury is lifting "cold", meaning you go straight into heavy lifting with little or no warm up. Deer Antler Plus ReviewMany want to avoid wasting strength or energy on warm up exercises, leading to muscle tears because there isn't sufficient blood flow. Ten minutes on a treadmill, or a light shadow boxing routine will get your muscles warm without decreasing your overall strength due to muscle fatigue.

Don't Lift Through Pain

Weight lifting is about power and intensity which fuels the idea that you should lift through pain. A minor muscle pull can develop into a full blown tear if you continue to lift when hurt. A common thought when a muscle injury is first experienced, is to continue to lift with lighter weights. You're unlikely to lift heavy enough to stimulate new growth, and much more likely to damage the muscle further. It takes a great deal of discipline to walk away from your workout when you experience muscle pain, but it will help avoid a more serious and time consuming injury.

Use A Spotter On Maximum Lifts

Some exercises are unsafe to lift without a spotter, while other weight lifting exercises can be life threatening if you suffer an injury. During a movement when a dumbbell or barbell is away from your body you can simply drop the weight to avoid further injury. Other exercises like squats or bench presses present greater danger when injured because the weight will collapse on top of you.